Conor O’Brien live on Small Hours

October 14, 2009
Photo taken by Pauline Rowan - www.​myspace.​com/​prowanphotography

Photo taken by Pauline Rowan

Conor O’Brien/Villagers was live on The Small Hours last night and in case you missed the show you can listen back here for the next week or so- you want the Wed 12th show.

The show was a bit of a taster for how The Fresh Air shows might go next month; chat, tunes and new live songs, which in Conor’s case were outstanding.  Roll on november.



  1. Hi Donal,
    Love the show, listen every night i can! I caught this show that night and was blown away, meant to check it up and listen to it again here but im a bit late!
    Is there any chance to hear it again as ive been tellin everyone how good it was but its very hard to describe how great something sounds without comparison, and i can’t even compare to anything, so im a bit stuck.
    If there is anything you can do sure gimmy a shout.

    • hi Seamus

      Thanks for the kind words – delighted you enjoy the shows. That one with conor was brilliant all right.
      I’ve asked Today FM to see what might be possible about reposting it, but i’m not sure how likely it is at this stage. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. hey Seamus- got it sorted for you- click here



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