music architects…Hulk and Adrian Crowley

November 5, 2009


Hulk (aka Thomas) and Adrian Crowley provided the Fresh Air last night, with a beautiful set of Hulk’s pieces, and a cover from Adrian of Ivor Cutler – Squeeze Bees.  I saw Hulk play recently for a Relay show he was involved in for DEAF and was totally blown away. The music is very soundscape-y: full of textures and layers of sounds. He’s translated this into a mesmerising live show where Adrian plays a consistent sound and Thomas then plays a number of instruments/sounds live, and in sequence, to build up layer upon layer of sound; effectively building and designing the track live.  Both Tom and Adrian seem to have a love for unusual and vintage instruments and watching this all come together is nothing short of intriguing. Listening back to the show it’s incredible to think that the piecs were performed live, they sound so perfect.

Tom and Adrian are both next playing as part of Homelights – a festival Adrian is co-curating with Foggy Notions/Leagues O’Tool.  The festival has a great selection of acts including Vashti Bunyan, Dosh and James Yorkston – all Small Hours favourites- and we’d really recommend checking it out – except on the Sunday when we have our first Dublin Fresh Air live show!

LISTEN BACK to Adrian Crowley and Hulk


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