All boats rise…Katie Kim and Deaf Joe

November 10, 2009
Katie Kim

Katie Kim photo: John Haggis

It seems that Waterford is quite the place to make music at the moment, with a tidal wave of new acts emerging there over the past year or two.  Donal’s guests last night; Katie Kim and Deaf Joe, are among a community of musicians that include Solar Taxi, Ugly Megan, You’re Only Massive, Arcade Ray and many more besides, and Katie and Joe were definitely big on flagging the good vibes in Waterford right now, and pointed to John Haggis and Granny it’s OK to Experiment as a big part of making it what it is.

Whatever the reason it’s a city that’s turning out some really interesting music, and Katie Kim and Deaf Joe both did nothing to buck the trend.  Joe played his first piece on the studio piano (only its second Fresh Air outing since Conor Villagers had a go) and went on to play a couple of other new, and untitled tracks, all equally excellent.  His record choices included the brilliant Sosumu Yokota and he chatted to Donal about making music for the excellent Red Kettle theatre company in Waterford this summer.

Katie (and Aisling) performed two beautiful brand new tracks for Fresh Air, and played out the show with a track from Sibylle Baier’s LP Colour Green.

LISTEN BACK to the show here>

Katie Kim on myspace

Deaf Joe on myspace

See Katie Kim live as part of Fresh Air in Cork, Galway, Dublin and Limerick – click here for more


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  1. […] Katie Kim has been artist in residence for the whole live tour and has given a different gig in each venue, each one surpassing the last. Never have I seen an audiences so transfixed by a group of musicians than I have with this lot; it’s like a spell has been cast and people are afraid even to clap to break the spell. Deaf Joe Harney is one of that stellar crew, but also records his own work and we’re delighted to have him take to the stage with some solo numbers to open the evening.  You can get a preview of his work through his Fresh Air Radio Session here> […]

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