James Yorkston announced for Limerick Date with Katie Kim

November 11, 2009

Well we’re all just delighted to announce that we’ve convinced the brilliant James Yorkston to extend his Irish jaunt by another night so that he can join us in Limerick for the last Fresh Air live with Katie Kim on 6th December in Daghda’s Dance Space (presented by 8ball).  James was one of Donal’s special guest for the first Month of  Sunday’s series in Sligo in 2006, and it’s wonderful to have him along for this new instalment.

A guitar player/singer from the east neuk of fife James Yorkston is signed to domino records. He also plays with the fence collective and unpoc. In bands for years, in his own words he (deepth breath now); gave up, wrote some songs at home, sent a copy to John Peel who played one (moving up country, roaring the gospel), got a phone call from a wee label called bad jazz, who’d heard Peel play it, they released it on 7″, sent a copy to local promoter asking for local john martyn support, got told to sling my hook, sent a copy to john martyn, got offered the entire tour, got involved with a budding young record label in london, didn’t work out due to lack of funds, bumped into head of domino records at a show in edinburgh, drank until 4am playing gram parsons tunes, swapped email addresses, he sent me everydominoreleaseever, i felt guilty and sent him one cd full of FENCE artists – kingcreosote/ lonepigeon/ pipdylan/ unpoc/ billypilgrim/ jamesyorkston, got offered a contract by domino and signed said contract.  happy days.

Yorkston went on to release 3 ‘official’ albums, Moving Up Country (2002) & Just Beyond the River (2004), The Year Of The Leopard (2006) on Domino Records, plus a few other things on Fence Records.

He’s still releasing music on other labels, especially Fence Records & Houston Party Records In 2007 Domino Records released Roaring The Gospel– a compilation of Fence / b-sides / eps, etc.

In September 2008, Domino released James’ album – When The Haar Rolls In In and just this year released  Folk Songs by James Yorkston & The Big Eyes Family Players.

and so – everything you wanted to know about James Yorkston on one blog post, except what it’s like to see him live, and you’ll just have to come to Limerick for that.

James Yorkston on myspace>


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  1. […] signed to domino records and makes outstanding music. This is a rare solo performance from James ( Read our previous blog post on James’ to get more info )and we’ve seen him many times before but he never fails to impress- and then some.  Really, […]

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