Soldering on…Beautiful Unit

November 17, 2009

Beautiful Unit - photo by Hector Castells (far left)

Beautiful Unit staged something of a takeover on last nights show, with Brian, Bryan, Jimmy and Poppy all in studio in the pursuit of music and fun. Having received some touring funding from Music Network the group have been able to tour unusual spaces around the country. The award has also meant they could avail of some rehearsal time with the combined result that they don’t play any of the tracks from their excellent album European Son on the tour, instead opting to essentially live improvise and evolve the songs at each of the gigs. Memorable gigs include the Sub Station in Cork for Triskel, and the Model gig in Sligo where they placed themselves in the corners and the audience in the centre.

Donal managed to get some questions answered though, getting the stories of what first started the lads on their musical paths-  Bob Dylan for Brian Mooney, Jaki Liebezeit (Can) for Bryan O’Connell and for Jimmy it was Joy Division.  They delved into the inspiration for Beautiful Unit, how the creative seed is sown and the rationale for the unusual spaces tour.  They played two, as yet untitled, works live on the show, and Donal closed the show with a reply of one of Traz’s live tracks from Thursday night.

LISTEN BACK to the show HERE>

Listen to Beautiful Unit on myspace>


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  1. Great sounds..great interview..keep them comming

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