A Sonic Cleansing…I am the Cosmos and 3epkano

November 18, 2009

I am the Cosmos (aka Ross) dropped in to trade records with Donal on Tuesday night, playing his own first ever track, The Final Form, and some new ones including a cracking remix of Dark Room NotesElm which you can listen to on their myspace (scroll down the on the player) and the brand new and minty fresh Remembering You.

Ross’ choices included a favourite Bill Fay track: Maudy la Lune (Bill has a new album Still Some Light due out on Coptic Cat very soon – so says the internet), and Patrick Kelleher’s Wonder and Deadboy– U Cheated, Son Green (aka Matty Bulger from The Redneck Manifesto) The Soon Future which Nialler9 previewed in July on his excellent blog.

3Epkano were back in studio to play live, choosing some beautiful pieces to play on air.  Founding member Matthew Nolan was on Fresh Air a few days ago to chat to Donal about the inspiration behind starting up 3epkano, and to share some musical choices which you can listen back to here>.  3Epkano talked about how the 7 band members all bring new things to the table having hugely different musical influences, and often improvise the tunes live, which they did live on air last night.  Cameron (3epkano) played a brilliant new track Swift to the Kill from his brother’s band BellJar, who play Thomas House this Friday 20th November.

LISTEN BACK to the show HERE>

Listen to 3Epkano on myspace or or see them live on 12th Dec in Mill Street Gallery (with Somadrone and Adrian Crowley)

Listen to I Am the Cosmos on myspace>


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  1. […] with a live version of album tracks Elm (which was recently remixed by Tuesday nights guest artist I Am the Cosmos)and Treetops, followed by a breand new song Pine […]

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