slow dynamo…Valerie Francis

November 19, 2009

Dublin based singer/songwriter Valerie Francis was one of the two artists in studio last night (along with Kevin Blake) and she brought in a selection of tracks with her that influenced the sound for her recent debut album Slow Dynamo. The album was produced by Jimmy Eadie, who was on Fresh Air on Monday night as part of Beautiful Unit. Valerie’s choices included; Gal Costa Baby,    Wildbirds & PeacedrumsI Can’t Tell his Eyes,     Biff Rose – Molly,      The Roches – Hammond Song, and     Little DragonTwice.

Valerie also played three beautiful acoustic vesions of album tracks live in studio, including the new single How, follower by At Most and Cannonball. She chatted to Donal in between songs about the music making process  from singing with kettle leads, to busking and then making an album; the gorgeous Slow Dynamo.

LISTEN BACK to Valerie Francis show HERE



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  2. Wow – Beautiful. Well done. Very true.

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