You are what you hear…Kevin Blake

November 19, 2009

pic by aaeen

Limerick Producer/DJ/Soundmaker Kevin Blake was also in studio last night (along with Valerie Francis who opened Wednesdays show) with his Electric Underground partner Eamon Lenihan to chat about making and promoting music in Cork, and the listening journey from Rock to Electronica.

Kevin started with an exclusive fresh track from Loops Haunt– Dusk Mechanics who’s playing Electric Underground’s 3rd birthday bash in the New Year in Cork.  Big favourites include Clark,  (also playing their 3rd birthday on 8th January- see tickets.ie) and Neil Landstrumm and Aphex Twin. Other picks included a track from Slugabed– Let’s go Swimming and Armagh’s Boxcutter with Arecibo Message.

Kevin played a few live tracks from his debut release You Are What you Hear.

LISTEN BACK to Kevin’s Fresh Air show HERE

Listen to Kevin Blake on myspace>



  1. ha, that’s my remix of dusk mechanics. It’s on Loops’ ‘rubber sun grenade EP’ on fortified in the next few weeks. It’s a cracking wee 12.

    • ha! great track- we’ll spread the Loops word over on facebook and twitter

  2. my bad!
    slugabed is also on ramp recordings, and boxcutter’s label is called ‘kinego records’.

    if you wanna hear more loops haunt then here’s one of his promo mixes.
    short and sweet too!


    some fantastic sammoyed tracks at his myspace here:

  3. […] Listen back Fresh Air sessions on The Small Hours with Spilly Walker and Kevin Blake. […]

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