Funk and Soul….Chequerboard and Sunken Foal

November 26, 2009

Sunken Foal (Dunk) and Chequerboard (John) were both guests last night, treating us to some gorgeous live tracks, and their favourite new tracks for us to listen to.

The show kicked off with Dunk chatting to Donal about the recording process for his Sunken Foal project, and other music projects including Ambulance (with Trev) and Natural History Museum (with Carol Keogh).  Dunk kicked the selections off with Leafcutter John and In the Morning, followed by music from Oscar Sala on the second new instrument Fresh Air has introduced me to:  the trautonium

D’Arcangelo – Sinclair  was followed by two beautiful live works from Chequerboard, and before John took over on dj duties Donal and Dunk played Jackdaw is the Kingpin from Natural History Museum and told a great story about the recording of that particular tune.  The also later played a Natural History Museum cover of Si Schroeder’s (the previous nights’ fresh air guest) C4.

John chatted about his 2007 music residency with The Model in Sligo and a sound art commission from The Model that arose from that relationship, devised and curated by John called Relay. John went on to talk about, and to play, Relay pieces from Bibio and Pierre Bastien – the latter providing yet another new instrument: a scissors player. Relay also provides a link between tonight’s artists with Sunken Foal having contributed to the project with Beard of Mercury Switches.

Dunk played two extremely varied live pieces, Colloidal Silver (using a random sample generator programme he created – which you can read a little about on the Relay page for Beard of Mercury Switches)  and the more pared back Bullhorn Handlebars.

John’s fresh air selections included a wonderful  Bibio track (Carosello Ellitico) that uses a winding child’s toy as a starting point, and concluded with Bark Psychosis‘ Bloodrush.

Ceephax (Squarepusher’s younger brother) track (tranzbonse) concludes the show, which for some reason cuts out early on the MP3!

Listen back to all of the above HERE>

Sunken Foal played two totally contrasting pieces of music live


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