space and time…Thread Pulls

November 26, 2009

Opening the show with a tracks from Animal Collective, D’Arcangelo, The Notwist (remixed by Grizzly Bear), Son Green, Jose James (Blackmagic remixed by Joy Orbsion) Brian Eno (Big Ship) Nosaj Thing (Fog), Wave Machines (Keep the Lights on) and Wierd Tapes (Party Trash)  Donal then went straight to the talk studio for three great great live Thread Pulls tracks ( These new thoughts, HhYy and Reverse) before inviting Peter and Gavin in for a chat about where the music comes from, how the current line-up came about, playing with No Age, and of course, some expert music selection-ing.

Gavin’s pick of NYC duo Invisible Conga People started things off with Cable Dazed, while Peter chose Eyebrow (Desire Line).  No Age‘s Genie and London collective Antifamily followed with Work Cheap.

Peter played a track from Rainfear – a new improvised musc project devised by David Donohoe that he’s involved in. Other tracks played on the night included Essential Logic Aerosol Burns,  Pianocircus (featuring Bill Bruford) , Jubilee Allstars- Please Don’t Give up on Me, Highlife (F Kenya RIP) and an exclusive first play of a Thread Pulls track –Weight– from their upcoming Stephen Quinn produced record.

Thread Pulls play Fresh Air live in Dublin on Sunday 29th Novemeber (buy here) with Katie Kim and Patrick Kelleher.

LISTEN Back to the show HERE> (or if it’s not on the mp3 page yet listen to Thursday’s show on the stream here)


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  1. […] had the pleasure of working with them a few times since, in Sligo and with Donal Dineen’s Fresh Air series’.  They literally blow me away every time I watch them live.  The volume and texture […]

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