Getting a feel for sound…Jimmy Behan

November 30, 2009

Jimmy Behan was in studio on Thursday night/Friday morning to chat to Donal about making music for his recent release – Echo Garden– and an ongoing project Glissen (with Kate McKeon), playing a selection of tracks from both.  They talked about the differences between creating music in the country over the city, and Jimmy’s practice which includes collecting sounds and spaces to create the music he makes.

Jimmy brought in some great new pieces to share on Fresh Air including: Molly Berg & Stephen Vitiello –  Variation 3 (from The Gorilla Variations), Soccer Committee & Machinefabriek , Christopher (for Suzanne),  His Name is Alive– Send My face to Your Funeral, AutisticiResonating Wire, and Off the Sky (with Darren McClure) Once, When we Used To.

To LISTEN BACK to the show click here (and scroll down)>

Listen to Jimmy Behan on myspace or go here to find out how to buy his releases here.


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