sculpting the sound – R.S.A.G

December 1, 2009

Jeremy Hickey- aka R.S.A.G (Rarely Seen Above Ground) dropped in to conclude Fresh Air on Nov 30th, chatting to Donal about making music, and making his new album in particular.  He’s had a great year, with his Choice Music Prize nominated double album Organic Sampler taking him to some top live gigs up and down the country.

Fresh Air got an exclusive first listen to four of the album tracks, with Jeremy bringing in the lead single Be it Right or Wrong to get the night started. Heavily swing influenced it’s likely to be the title track for the new album which is due in the new year.  He talked about working with Leo Pearson in his Thomastown studio, teaching kids the drums and some of his earliest rock and blues influences.

We were treated to three more new R.S.A.G tracks, all played live, including The Bitter Swing, Make and Time on Trial (with N.C.Lawlor on pedal steel duties on the album track)

Jeremy brought in The Clash – Bank Robber , a relatively new discovery, and some cracking tracks that point to some clear blues, rock and vocal influences for R.S.A.G’s sound: Howlin’ Wolf with Smokestack Lightening, Muddy WatersMannish Boy, and Tom WaitsLie to Me.

LISTEN BACK to the full Fresh Air show here> (or if that page isn’t updated yet head on over here and look for Tuesdays show- part one and two)

Listen to R.S.A.G on myspace>


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