Limerick here we come

December 3, 2009

We’ve had a hell of a month with this Fresh Air Festival thing, and we are rolling into Limerick on Sunday 6th to end it all with great aplomb. We’re working with one of our MOST favourite promoters 8Ball, who have hooked us up with an incredible space for the gig, in the shape of Daghdha‘s Dance Space at St. John’s.  We are going to end in real style, with venue visuals, and live visuals, from Donal Dineen (and some disc spinning too of course) and live performances from Katie Kim, Deaf Joe Harney and James Yorkston.  Could we be happier? No, no we could not.

Katie Kim has been artist in residence for the whole live tour and has given a different gig in each venue, each one surpassing the last. Never have I seen an audiences so transfixed by a group of musicians than I have with this lot; it’s like a spell has been cast and people are afraid even to clap to break the spell. Deaf Joe Harney is one of that stellar crew, but also records his own work and we’re delighted to have him take to the stage with some solo numbers to open the evening.  You can get a preview of his work through his Fresh Air Radio Session here>

We are privileged to welcome our only oversees artist to Fresh Air in the shape of the outstanding James Yorkston.  A guitar player/singer from the east neuk of fife James Yorkston is signed to domino records and makes outstanding music. This is a rare solo performance from James ( Read our previous blog post on James’ to get more info )and we’ve seen him many times before but he never fails to impress- and then some.  Really, we cannot recommend this bill highly enough.

It kicks off early though- it being a Sunday and all, so doors are 7pm.  Tickets are €12 if you buy them in advance (€15 on the door so it’s smart to get in early) which you can do from the uch box office here.


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