Free Cable Dazed set

February 3, 2010


Photo by Kotaro Okada

Thanks to Gavin from Thread Pulls who pointed us toward this.

One of his Fresh Air choices was Cable Dazed from Invisible Conga People which Donal’s been playing off the air ever since (and me too at home, had to buy the track from itunes immediately after first hearing it)

With mumblings of a new release imminent ISSUE have found an archive dj set from the Conga folk which is free to download from their site.

here’s what they say (link below)

In a fluid set of continuous music, ICP spool out a hauntingly mesmerizing performance of muted intricacy. This is not so much dance music as the strains of memories of minimal house gingerly reconstituted in a dimly lit room, cavernous and empty. Though seemingly all sounds are run through pedals and processors to varyingly transformative and alien effect, a faint but undeniable glow of humanness remains — a lonely streak of soul shivering amidst an ever-stretching field of cold, restrained beauty. While the tone is immediately assimilable and the atmosphere remains frozen in a timeless haze, the emotion possesses a quiet complexity inviting endless probing (though melancholy seems an undeniable component).

The music itself reflects a similar balance of intricate construction and monochromatic affect – one may either allow the small parts to drift and blur into a singular wash of sound or slowly pull out the fragile components from the bottomless depths of the composition – disembodied vocals, soft eruptions of distortion, slow cascades of arpeggiated synth, groaning bass, calmly droning drum machines… even the comfortingly static hum of amplified equipment. If a lone 12” could provide 18 or so month of stimulation, this 30 minute set can surely last us til next summer.

<Download the mix> or go here if link broken


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