more playlists for your Friday listening

February 5, 2010

Last week we posted a link to a great set from Invisible Conga People, and today we’ve a 15 track mix cloud called First Fifteen from Donal Dineen for your listening pleasure- wrap your ears around this:

If you’d like more of this sort of thing from Dineen let me know, am hoping to make it a more regular feature!

Also- If you want to track down some of the tunes a bunch of them -well 8- are available on iTunes so we’ve thrown up an imix so if you click here it’ll bring you to the iTunes store and you can opt to buy any of the 8 tunes available on there: The 8 are Home/The Echoing Green/Circles/Bernard’s Song/Gardening/K&G Beat/Cable Dazed/Promises and it’ll cost you 99c a song….

Over on my own blog I’ve posted a playlist of my favourite tunes from Fresh Air if you want a reminder of some of the great tracks we were introduced to in November last.

enjoy, and let us know what tracks you’re digging the most



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