Fresh Air returns!

April 5, 2010

We’re delighted to formally announce that Fresh Air will be back in May of this year, and it’s largely thanks to The Music Network Performance and Touring award, and The Arts Council of Ireland who provide the funding for the scheme.

Following the reaction to the first Fresh Air in November last year Donal was really keen to bring it back to air, but he wanted to ensure a live element was part of the series once again.

There is certainly no shortage of innovative irish artists to chose from, and a whole host of new acts will be invited into The Small Hours studio to talk to Donal in May.  With thanks to the performance touring award there are 4 more live shows planned for Sligo, Newbridge, Cork and Limerick. We’re tying up the final details with the venues and the artists involved and plan to announce final details of these very special gigs later this week.  Once again Donal will be curating each performance specifically for the venue and town in question, and will provide visuals on the night itself.

If you want to get a feel for the Fresh Air live shows check out our video archive for some beautifully shot tracks from last year’s series by arbutus yarns.



  1. * I like this* Great news!

  2. […] we mentioned a few weeks back Fresh Air is set to return this May with four more live dates around in Sligo, Kerry, Cork and […]

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