A little corner of Kerry magic in Tralee

May 10, 2010

Ah Kerry.  We should have know it would be magical being that a) it’s Kerry, which is 150% more magical than the other counties, and that b) Donal is a Kerryman, but you can never be so sure.  Thanks to the brilliant people behind Club Head Bang Bang magic was duly achieved.

The CHBB guys found a stunning church called St. John’s (of the Evangelist, not the large Catholic St. John’s) on Ashe Street which was tucked away off the street in a little courtyard.  A beautiful gothic style church it dates back to the early 1600s and is credited with being the oldest building in constant use in Tralee.  There are some great memorials in the church, one given to to Dick Spring by Ariel Sharon for a start, and great stained glass, but most of all it has a great acoustic and worked really well for the projections.

Donal says a few words

Performances on the night were from HulkChequerboard and Adrian Crowley and were all sublime. The feeling in the room was what did it though. It’s so hard to know what makes one of those special gigs, but all the ingredients were present and correct on Friday night. The room, the projections, Donal’s words, the guys music, the audiences ears, and the enthusiasm in the room are probably all responsible. We’ll have film footage of it in a few weeks so you can see what I mean.

For now our thanks goes to Keith, Treasa, Ben and Ailbhe from CHBB, the Reverend of St. John’s and all the folk that turned out on the night. Thanks for helping us conjure some magic.


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