The Age of Sound

May 13, 2010

Sean Og

Sean Og came into studio on Wednesday night for what turned out to be an extraordinary show. He played some outstanding pieces of music live on air, and chatted to Donal about the music that inspired him, the projects he works on and his musical journey from listening to Bob Dylan and Doors on the radio as a boy right up to the present day.

An early influence, along with Miles Davis’ A Kind of Blue was the  great Alto Sax player Cannonball Adderly and Somethin’ Else– both discovered thanks to a suitcase of CD’s brought home by his brother from a Stateside visit.

Sean played four pieces live, a new improvised piece to start, followed by a stunning work called Armenian Song (which you can see a youtube clip of from the Sligo New Music Festival at The Model) and then a lullaby dedicated to his new baby daughter, and finally .  The pieces are simply astonishing. Impossible to do justice to them with words so just give it a listen back. The fact that one person was creating it all is even more incredible…sounded like 2 or 3 at times.

Between playing live Sean and Donal had great conversations around learning, listening to, playing and producing music, especially under the influence of today’s technology. It was such a brilliant conversation to eavesdrop upon, great chats about sonics, tonality and sound, and observations on the ever present atmosphere of music and sound that we’re all surrounded by every minute of the day and its effects.

Donal opened the show with one of Sean’s choices; Meredith Monk, and closed the show with some beautiful tracks from Armenian (Duduk) musician Djivan Gasparyan, including Lovely Spring and 7th December 1988, and Desert Air by Abdullah Ibrahim.

Listen back to Sean Og’s Fresh Air Session here>

Sean is working on two projects at the moment; a theatre project called The Trailer of Bridget Dinnigan at Project in mid June, and a concert for Dublin Writers Festival, called The Riverrun Project, also at Project but in early June.


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