a taste for noise

May 19, 2010

Composer and musician Sean Carpio had been in studio earlier in the week with Sending Letters to the Sea and came back to treat us to some solo Fresh Air before he moves to London next month. Sean started with Piano as a kid, and progressed to a teenage fondness for noise (courtesy of megadeath et al)  then moving on to Jazz drums in his late teens when he started studying in Newpark.

Sean opened with a drum piece and then went on to a brand new guitar and drum composition (both instruments played by him) created that day for the show and finished up with another drum piece.

In between he talked to Donal about playing and creating music, and they talked a lot about how it feels inside the performance. Sean mentioned two musicians that he looks to for the thoughtfulness  and mindfulness in their performances; Lee Konitx (alto sax) Paul Motian (drums ex-Bill Evans Trio/ Keith Jarrett) and experimental metal band Meshuggah.

They chatted a little about the impact of technology on music, and Donal mentioned the React Table which you can get a look at here.

Hank JonesThings are so Pretty in the Spring played the show out

Listen Back to Sean’s Fresh Air Session> (mp3)


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