Haunt me when I’m Drowsy

May 19, 2010

Halves dropped in to studio the same night as Sean Carpio to share the very first radio play from their new album, recently recorded in Montreal in Canada. They chatted about why they went to Canada; 1 part excellent exchange rate, 2 parts studio that can handle analog recording to tape, and 1 part “Tape King” Efrim Menuck, and the recording process which was fully live, and being analog didn’t have the luxury of multiple takes.

They shared 3 stunning tracks with us for Fresh Air, Blood Branches (album version), Darling, you’ll meet your Maker (with guest vocals from Phil from Subplots and Katie Kim- Amy Milan drops in on another album track) and their favourite song on the album; Haunt Me When I’m Drowsy (featuring the 22 ladies of Kilkenny Choir).

The album, produced by Efrim Menuck (God Speed! You Black Emperor), is due out later this year and a tour will accompany it in the autumn.

Listen back to the show here> (mp3)

Listen to Halves on myspace>


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