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May 20, 2010

Richie Egan, aka Jape, was in studio last night to chat to Donal, spin some Redneck tunes, play some brand new Jape tracks live, and to break info about a new project called visionair…possibly the busiest man in music?

Richie kicked off the show with a new track called BTSU from a new artist; Jai Paul (which Richie heard from following Paul Epworth on twitter- so it is good for something) which you can download for free from Jai Paul’s myspace.

After Donal played Hex (from Redneck Manifesto) Richie played the first of two brilliant new Jape tracks live on the show; Ocean of Frequency and then Hands of Fire (with more Redneck tracks played from the album in between). The great news is that he’s booked studio time at the end of June, so a new album is in the offing sometime soonish…

There were more great chats to be had about writing music, setting standards, and setting songs loose…Richie chatted about the different ways he makes music across the three projects (Jape, Redneck Manifesto and visionair) and talked a lot about the great music being made in ireland and everywhere right now, and how technology makes people more inclined to set that new music out fully formed from the off.

Speaking of which, Riche broke some news about a new project he’s working on with fellow Redneck-er Niall Byrne called visionair. No links or myspaces or any of that craic yet, but he did share a cracking track called uh-oh (working title!) with us on air which bodes well for the future- can’t wait to hear more of that sound.

Richie closed out the show with another brilliant live Jape new one; What if I Never Saw You.

Donal also played two Solar Bears tracks on the show

Listen Back to the show here> (mp3)


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