Dipping out

May 25, 2010

Natural History Museum, aka Dunk Murphy (Sunken Foal) and Carol Keogh, were in studio last night to play live in advance of their Fresh Air date in Limerick at the weekend. Both performances were their first live shows as a two piece as they’ve been only been making music as Natural History Museum for the last year or so. They’ve  both been making their own music for years though, so talked a lot about the difference in making music together; that they have a shared musical language of sorts when they write together and how much they’ve enjoyed the writing process on the album, which is pretty much recorded at this stage (and may or may not be called Being Attenborough…)

Communication through music was a big theme on the show, what you might be trying to achieve with music, how it can move people and why they make it.

They played a few tracks live on air; Dipping Out, then Beware of Darkness, a George Harrison cover (from All Things Must Pass) and then closed with Winter Bee.

Donal also played  a new Sunken Foal song; My Friends Have Lost Their Way with George Harrison sample from the Magical Mystery Tour which gave way to to a great chat about The Beatles and Mr. Harrison in particular…

Carol is working on her new album, which is about halfway finished, and Sunken Foal has a new remix due out soon with Blue Daisy (with vocals from Anneke)  and an album due on acroplane soon….

Listen Back to the Show>

Listen to Natural History Museum on myspace>


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