So much to say

May 26, 2010

Robyn Bromfield, aka CatScars dropped in on Wednesday to talk to Donal about making music, which she’s only been doing for about a year or so, and divulged where her name comes from along the way. As well as her solo project, Robyn also plays in Children Under Hoof, and in Patrick Kelleher’s band.  She talked about how she came at music via technology, rather than having studied musical instruments, and was inspired to start when she saw her friend Patrick (Kelleher) making music.  Despite coming at it from the tech perspective, she doesn’t really use sound programmes at all, she uses synths and a neat Nintendo DS game  called Korg DS-10

For the moment all of the pieces are instrumental, and probably categorised as electronica, but Robyn declares herself not a particular fan of electronic or  instrumental music, the tracks just seemed to come out that way. The tracks are all unfinished in her mind, and there is a plan to add lyrics but she’s finding it hard to know how much to say, and what exactly she wants to say, but has started setting down some lyrics nonetheless.

Robyn had injured her wrist so wasn’t able to play live, but Donal played a few of her recorded tracks. First came Droid, which she feels is almost complete, and then Marjorie – one of the first tracks she put together- and finally Trouble. Robyn played out the show with her pick of Hercules and the Love Affair Blind.

Children Under Hoof launched their EP on Friday after the show, at which Catscars was playing, and you can download Droid as part of State.ie ‘s Faces of 2010 mixtape here

Listen to Catscars on Myspace>

Listen back to the Show here>


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