Sure Fire

May 26, 2010

Dubliner Jennifer Evans was in to play some live Fresh Air for us this week. Having just released her first EP; Salient Point, she’s dying to get more music out there, and started off with a beautiful new track that doesn’t appear on the EP called Empire

Jennifer usually plays with a band (the Ripe Intent) but did a beautiful job with just her voice and guitar on the show. She talked a bit about working in Tower Records, and how that access to world music and jazz has subconsciously seeped into her music. She’s moved to Kilkenny recently, and set herself up in a new house with a studio and place to practice and play every day while she works towards a new full length album. She’s possessed of a beautiful voice, great depth and warmth to it, and the music is really fresh.

Jennifer had a great story about the first time she really thought about music and emotion and singing, when she was the ripe old age of six and singing itsy bitsy spider on the bus.

She played another new track; Sure Fire followed by an EP track Way to Go

Listen back to the Show>

Listen to Jennifer on myspace, or pick up her EP Salient Point on itunes or in your local record store.


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