flash of lightning

May 27, 2010

Mike Smalle was in studio to chat to Donal to close of Fresh Air.  Mike was behind Cane 141 and is now releasing new work as B-Movie Lightning. Triple Trouble was the first track that made it out under the B-Movie Moniker and made its way onto Donal’s first Soundcloud mix; First Fifteen. The new single mix of that track is available to buy now on itunes and he’s just back from London where he worked on the upcoming album with producer Ian Catt and it’s due out later this year, or early next year…

Mike previewed new tracks on the show including the upcoming single Take Yourself to the City:

Mike chatted to Donal about putting the Cane 141 project to bed, and how it was in the early years of that band, which he started initially with his best friend in Galway. He talked about the challenges of playing live too- particularly with the new B-Movie stuff, and how it works, or might not work, in a live setting.

Mike brought in some tracks to play on air too- including his current most played record Tusk by Fleetwood Mac.

Listen Back to the Show>

Listen to B-Movie Lightning on myspace>


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