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a List of artists (in alphabetical order) who were involved in the first Fresh Air in November 2009:

3epkano is an experimental / instrumental post-rock seven-piece ensemble formed in Dublin, Ireland in early 2004 by Matthew Nolan and Cameron Doyle. Over the years they have specialized in producing original and innovative soundtracks for films from the silent movie era.  We are conditioned to associate a particular form of music with silent film; music that is produced or composed to match or pre-empt action on screen, more times than not it suffocates what is happening visually. Film, in the way it’s constructed, the way it’s edited, the movement on screen, has a rhythm almost musical in itself. 3epkano’s music tries to liberate the image and tap into the atmosphere, the tone that is being generated by the visuals and narrative on screen. Creating music for 3epkano is a process of patient exploration and tentative discovery, the result is a compelling and unique cinematic experience. Their Album “At Land” and their eponymous debut EP are both available on iTunes



Listen Back to their Fresh Air show HERE>


Adrian Crowley Twice nominated for The Choice Album of the Year Adrian Crowley is an Irish singer-songwriter/folk artist originally from Barna, County Galway, but living in Dublin. Crowley released his first album, A Strange Kind, in 1999 which was followed by When You Are Here You are Family (2001),  A Northern Country (2004). His Choice nominated fourth album Long Distance Swimmer was a breakthrough album of sorts, acknowledging his evident musicianship for a wider audience. His most recent release, Season of the Sparks was warmly received garnering 4 star reviews and wining the coveted Choice Music Prize for Album of the Year. It’s release prompted The Irish Times to list Crowley in the top 10 of their “Top 50 artists right now” published in May 2009.


Listen back to his Fresh Air Show (shared with Hulk) here>


Beautiful Unit The unruly brainchild of musical magic man Brian Mooney, Beautiful Unit is made up of some astonishingly good musicians: Jimmy Eadie (ex-IDIOTS and producer for Jape, David Kitt, Valerie Francis) and mythical drummer Bryan O’Connell (ex Si Schroeder) for a start, with Mr. Mooney himself the founder of Trust me I’m a Thief and a regular live musician with Jape, David Kitt, Si Schroeder and many more too lengthy to list. The music “explores the sonic possibilities of real time sound manipulation using 8 bit sampling, repetitive grooves and live music” and ranges from the melodic to the sonic. http://www.myspace.com/theeuropeanson

Listen back to their Fresh Air show HERE>


Chequerboard is Irish musician & artist John Lambert. The debut Chequerboard album ‘Gothica’ was released in 2002 and was followed up in 2005  with the 6 track mini-album ‘Dictaphone Showreels’ on dublin label Lazybird. A set of stark haunting guitar pieces set to a backdrop of field recordings and incidental sounds. Something of a diamond in the rough, it gradually found a dedicated, discerning and passionate audience. 
The opening track ‘Konichiwa’ subsequently found its way onto two separate Irish electronica compilations including R na G’s Cian O Ciabhain’s acclaimed ‘An Taobh Tuathail Vol. 1 compilation’.  The Chequerboard live show is simply Lambert, his guitar and a series of guitar pedals building lush, textured, soundscapes that paint an evocative world of their own.  In 2007, Lambert received a music fellowship from the Model Arts & Niland Gallery in Sligo where he spent the year working on Penny Black which brings the listener through a series of textured and meticulously crafted guitar led passages. 
Penny Black was released in March 2008 to glowing reviews.  http://www.myspace.com/chequerboardmusic

Listen back to his Fresh Air Show (with Hulk) HERE>


Dark Room Notes
Deaf Joe
Goodtime John


Thomas Haugh records under the name Hulk. He has produced two albums for OSAKA records: Silver Thread of Ghosts (2005) and Rise of a Mystery Tide (2008) as well as producing materials for labels such as Melodic, Static Caravan and Expanding Records. He has also remixed works by other artists, most notably Efterklang from their most recent album.


Listen Back to Hulk’s Fresh Air Session>


I Am The Cosmos

Jimmy Behan

Katie Kim

Kevin Blake is behind Cork’s popular club night Electric Underground, initially started so he could find a platform for his own left-field electronica.  Popularity caused the night to expand to a much bigger venue and over the last three years has seen over 70 international acts play from the finest dance music labels including Warp, Planet Mu, Ninjatune and Rephlex.

Blake released his debut EP You Are What You Hear to critical acclaim in 2009, with The Irish Times’ Jim Carroll describing it as; “Smashing, You Are What You Hear is the go-to release for fresh, engaging minimal electronic grooves”. Kevin’s live sets are aimed towards getting you moving on the dancefloor and incorporate influences from Dubstep, Hip Hop and Techno. Not the type to hide behind a laptop, Kevin uses guitars, a melodica and various synths and fx to allow him to improvise easily.  He has had the pleasure of warming up for such luminaries as Luke Vibert, Prefuse 73, Venetian Snares, Bonobo, Mu-ziq, and Boxcutter. http://www.myspace.com/blakecomplex

Listen Back to Kevin’s Fresh Air Session>


Matthew Nolan (3epkano)
Patrick Kelleher
Roland Gomez
Si Schroeder


Spilly Walker emerged in 2007 on the Donal Dineen curated Foggy Notions compilation Small Hours Summer Mornings. The song Let the Freak Come Out was an awesome marriage of pop-craft and electro intensity. Although a departure from his back-catalogue, the voice was unmistakably that of David Kitt. His accomplice is younger brother Robbie Kitt.  The album, which is due in 2010, is replete with immense Ibiza synths and disco soul tracks with huge choruses and emotive singing.


Listen Back to Spilly Walker’s Fresh Air Session>


Stefan Galt
Sunken Foal
Valerie Francis


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