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Who are you!

August 12, 2010

Donal is doing a handful of gigs in advance of his Electric Picnic slots in September.  The first of these will form part of a new series of music and visuals called Who Are You! and has a staggeringly good line up with Hulk, Adrian Crowley and Lisa O’Neill

It happens on August 21st at Space 54 in Smithfield. Here are some rather nice videos of the folks involved



LISA O’NEIL (more)


Sure Fire

May 26, 2010

Dubliner Jennifer Evans was in to play some live Fresh Air for us this week. Having just released her first EP; Salient Point, she’s dying to get more music out there, and started off with a beautiful new track that doesn’t appear on the EP called Empire

Jennifer usually plays with a band (the Ripe Intent) but did a beautiful job with just her voice and guitar on the show. She talked a bit about working in Tower Records, and how that access to world music and jazz has subconsciously seeped into her music. She’s moved to Kilkenny recently, and set herself up in a new house with a studio and place to practice and play every day while she works towards a new full length album. She’s possessed of a beautiful voice, great depth and warmth to it, and the music is really fresh.

Jennifer had a great story about the first time she really thought about music and emotion and singing, when she was the ripe old age of six and singing itsy bitsy spider on the bus.

She played another new track; Sure Fire followed by an EP track Way to Go

Listen back to the Show>

Listen to Jennifer on myspace, or pick up her EP Salient Point on itunes or in your local record store.


So much to say

May 26, 2010

Robyn Bromfield, aka CatScars dropped in on Wednesday to talk to Donal about making music, which she’s only been doing for about a year or so, and divulged where her name comes from along the way. As well as her solo project, Robyn also plays in Children Under Hoof, and in Patrick Kelleher’s band.  She talked about how she came at music via technology, rather than having studied musical instruments, and was inspired to start when she saw her friend Patrick (Kelleher) making music.  Despite coming at it from the tech perspective, she doesn’t really use sound programmes at all, she uses synths and a neat Nintendo DS game  called Korg DS-10

For the moment all of the pieces are instrumental, and probably categorised as electronica, but Robyn declares herself not a particular fan of electronic or  instrumental music, the tracks just seemed to come out that way. The tracks are all unfinished in her mind, and there is a plan to add lyrics but she’s finding it hard to know how much to say, and what exactly she wants to say, but has started setting down some lyrics nonetheless.

Robyn had injured her wrist so wasn’t able to play live, but Donal played a few of her recorded tracks. First came Droid, which she feels is almost complete, and then Marjorie – one of the first tracks she put together- and finally Trouble. Robyn played out the show with her pick of Hercules and the Love Affair Blind.

Children Under Hoof launched their EP on Friday after the show, at which Catscars was playing, and you can download Droid as part of ‘s Faces of 2010 mixtape here

Listen to Catscars on Myspace>

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Dipping out

May 25, 2010

Natural History Museum, aka Dunk Murphy (Sunken Foal) and Carol Keogh, were in studio last night to play live in advance of their Fresh Air date in Limerick at the weekend. Both performances were their first live shows as a two piece as they’ve been only been making music as Natural History Museum for the last year or so. They’ve  both been making their own music for years though, so talked a lot about the difference in making music together; that they have a shared musical language of sorts when they write together and how much they’ve enjoyed the writing process on the album, which is pretty much recorded at this stage (and may or may not be called Being Attenborough…)

Communication through music was a big theme on the show, what you might be trying to achieve with music, how it can move people and why they make it.

They played a few tracks live on air; Dipping Out, then Beware of Darkness, a George Harrison cover (from All Things Must Pass) and then closed with Winter Bee.

Donal also played  a new Sunken Foal song; My Friends Have Lost Their Way with George Harrison sample from the Magical Mystery Tour which gave way to to a great chat about The Beatles and Mr. Harrison in particular…

Carol is working on her new album, which is about halfway finished, and Sunken Foal has a new remix due out soon with Blue Daisy (with vocals from Anneke)  and an album due on acroplane soon….

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Listen to Natural History Museum on myspace>


post electrocution

May 25, 2010

John Haggis dropped into the studio with some friends- namely Katie Kim , David Kitt, Martin Burns and Deaf Joe – on Monday night.  He played three really beautiful live songs back to back to open up the show, all tracks he said were sketches, but sounded like fully formed pieces from this side of the speakers.  Beautiful songs all three, they were (provisionally titled) Ice Age, Curse of the Empty Glass and Googly Eyes.

In addition to making music John’s heavily involved with musicians in Waterford with his own studio; Granny It’s Ok to Experiment , helping them record and make music of their own. He and Donal had a great chat about making and playing music, and the importance of supporting and encouraging people to set their music down – in one way or another. It seems the City Council in Waterford, thanks to the guidance of Arts Officer Conor Nolan, are using empty houses for artists of all disciplines (largely visual artists and musicians) to create a new artists quarter in a sense. There was a lot of talk about music taking place in unusual spaces, as with Young Hearts Run Free in Dublin, and encouraging musicians to take control of their own gigs, own work and own recordings.  John mentioned a great project from Waterford band anti who gathered 25 tracks from 25 Waterford acts and covered them for an upcoming series of releases.

John makes music with Joe and Katie too, who are both working on new music at the minute. The show closed with a beautiful track from Joe called Joanna which is up on his myspace.

Listen back to the show here>

See John Haggis play (drums) with Katie Kim in Sligo and Limerick, and Deaf Joe play in Limerick all as part of Fresh Air on our Video page>

John Haggis myspace>


Sleep 16 and Wake up Laughing

March 16, 2010

More mixclouds from Donal Dineen for your listening pleasure. Will try to keep em coming

Wake up Laughing

Sleep Sixteen

see the next post for the first mixcloud from last month- First Fifteen…


more playlists for your Friday listening

February 5, 2010

Last week we posted a link to a great set from Invisible Conga People, and today we’ve a 15 track mix cloud called First Fifteen from Donal Dineen for your listening pleasure- wrap your ears around this:

If you’d like more of this sort of thing from Dineen let me know, am hoping to make it a more regular feature!

Also- If you want to track down some of the tunes a bunch of them -well 8- are available on iTunes so we’ve thrown up an imix so if you click here it’ll bring you to the iTunes store and you can opt to buy any of the 8 tunes available on there: The 8 are Home/The Echoing Green/Circles/Bernard’s Song/Gardening/K&G Beat/Cable Dazed/Promises and it’ll cost you 99c a song….

Over on my own blog I’ve posted a playlist of my favourite tunes from Fresh Air if you want a reminder of some of the great tracks we were introduced to in November last.

enjoy, and let us know what tracks you’re digging the most